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Tonka Bean, Vanilla & Rose Wax Melts

Tonka Bean, Vanilla & Rose Wax Melts

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The hypnotic tonka bean scent is reminiscent of vanilla, rich and creamy with tiny hints of cinnamon and caramel, without being overpowering.  

The subtle scent of rose have anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) and aphrodisiac benefits when inhaled and will instantly provide for a calm atmosphere.

This is definitely one of our most luxurious scents!

Each tester tub has a 40g wax melt block which can be divided in 2-4 sections for melting, providing you with at least 20 hours of fragrance. 

Our 6 blocks clamshell has has 80g of fragrant wax melts. Each block is fragrant for 6+ hours, giving you more 36 hours of fragrance at the very least.

Just pop 1 melt in your burner and wait for it to melt and fill the room with its lovely fragrance. Wax melts can be re-melted until there is no more fragrance throw. Please do not add any water to your wax melt when burning. 

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