The start of Wild Scents SA

The start of Wild Scents SA

It's the year 2020... Covid (seems like a swear word when typing it), lockdown, work from home, no school which means 2 little kids at home, never ending laundry and dishes, trying to eat 'healthy' because we need to fight this virus, exercising (or at least some attempt towards it), the daily ups and downs of stress and drama of owning 2 small businesses with 13 staff who now relies on you for an income when you're getting R0 income.  


I know many of you can relate.  Something had to change!  I needed a happy place and escape of it all.  After numerous nights of searching around for ideas, not really having a clue what I'm looking for, I found it!  WAX MELTS!


And then the research and experimenting started.  My passion for aromatherapy started when being brought up in a house where as long as you have lavender and tea tree, you could basically treat anything (Ok, I know this is not 100% true, but these 2 oils are pretty magical and to this day, they are ALWAYS in my medicine box).  Went onto studying beauty therapy...should really say somatology, which is the fancy word, because this course involves a lot more than applying creams and painting nails, but that would be a blog all by itself.  Here I also did an amazing aromatherapy course and received my international aromatherapist qualification.  


So long story short, I know the very definite benefits that amazing aromas can have on a persons well being.  I think if there's one thing I realized during this whole covid experience so far, is that's it's all about appreciating the little things in life.  Stop. Take a breath. And experience the moment.  And if that moment involves a house smelling like happy, sunny jasmine and vanilla, how can you be anything else but calm and at peace with the world.


It's my wish that our little wax melts brings joy to everyone around South Africa.  And if your household sounds similar to mine, get the jasmine and vanilla melts, trust me, you need it! :)

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